“MovilGmao is a multi-platform mobile app intended for the capture and query of field data arisen from the maintenance processes of both own personnel and subcontractors.”

The mobility solution for those companies wanting to boost efficiency in the maintenance Management. A constant and exhaustive analysis of the mobility needs of our client companies has led NGI to the design of this multi-platform mobile app, operating offline and thus enabling technicians to overcome the continuous loss of coverage.
The changes registered by the maintenance technicians are done in a fast and easy way. They will be able to upload data from their mobile devices in order to fill in work orders , search for spare parts, or allocate different values to the preventive works.
Warning of a new work order
The Mobile device can receive Push notifications. The technician can visualize and confirm the receipt. This technology guarantees the receipt of warnings even when the app is closed.
Query of Work orders and technical documents
Query of open and record work orders, besides the documentation associated to the assets (manuals, procedures. etc…) allowing the technician to diagnose and solve the problem efficiently.
The technician receives in their device a warning with the new work order together with the location of the customer or the asset.
Completing checking points and value entry forms
MovilGmao can represent dynamically different checking points and values to enter depending on the kind of work order received, in a clear and practical way , easy to handle, guaranteeing a great user experience. It will adapt to the technician work report (consumption of materials, working hours, values obtained…etc).
Attachment of documents and multimedia files
Attachment of PDF files, photos, videos, sounds …not only to the work orders but also to the assets enabling technicians to document the works performed.

Asset identification
The app identifies the asset through QR codes or NFC chips being more flexible the query of work order record and having at one´s disposal a larger amount of information about the asset.
Signature collection
The app allows the collection of signatures related to the work orders.
Generation of new work orders
The technician could even generate new work orders uploading them to the CMMS software of the company.
Assets inventory
Uploading of new assets not previously registered in the CMMS software of the company.
Ease the work of own coordinators and those of subcontractors through the planning of work orders.
Work Order visualization
Visualize the work orders in a graphic and intuitive way allowing to know their state.
Assignment of workers
Assign workers to each work order and plan when to execute it. The workers receive the warning and all the detailed information of the work order in their mobile devices.
Real time information
Visualize the work orders corresponding to each worker and their  state at any moment.
Schedule with the work orders assigned to each worker.
The synchronizer role is to gather, from the CMMS or EAM software of the company, the information from the master files (customers, assets, routes…etc), the work order record both of preventinve and corrective works and the open work orders, synchronizing this information with the entry port for customers and with the smartphones of the maintenance technicians .

It collects from the website the possible incidents customers upload and trasfers them to the CMMS or EAM software for the generation of the corresponding work order. Furthermore, it collects the interventions and the Works technicians register in their smartphones or tablets and transfers them to the CMMS or EAM software that, in turn, synchronizes with the customer entry port.

Through the entry port, the customer can upload new incidents that will be synchronized with CMMS or EAM software and monitor the state of that incident together with the work order.

Functional features

Visibility of work

The attachement of photos and videos to the work orders form the mobile app provides them with visibility and transparency, being, this way, interesting to show both the initial condition and the final state after repair.


The access to specific documentation of the asset as well as its repair record, allows the technician to carry out not only a better diagnosis of the problems but also a detection of failure patterns that could recommend different actions to the ones taken to date facing a recurring problem

Response time reduction

The mobility allows technicians to be almost immediately aware of the new work orders, thus enabling the possibility of offering a swifter service in the resolution of incidents.

Immediacy of the information

The mobile app synchronizes almost immediately , not only the already solved work orders but the changes being made on them, knowing from the head office ,at all times, the state of the works .

Duplicate work elimination

Through the integration with the CMMS or EAM software of the company, the transcription of the handwritten work orders to the system is avoided. Moreover, the delay on the reception of the written work orders, as well as the time spent on recording them in the system, is also eluded.

Paperless possibility

The system allows receiving the work orders in the mobile devices and reporting them through the same device, replacing ,this way, the paper work order by the electronical one. The use of portable printers is also an option in case the printing of a document is required

Communication improvement

MovilGmao operates as an efficient means of communication between the central services of the company and the coordinators and technicians of the subcontractors, avoiding many crossed mails and phone calls without losing the receipt confirmation of the warnings and the state of the work orders.

Possession of the information

The maintenance management remains completely centralized in an only system avoiding, this way, to have the information spreaded throughout the different programmes, their software or on paper.

Technological features

Offline mode

The local storage and synchronization permit alternating between the online and offline modes, enabling the data storage in the offline mode and synchronizing those data afterwards with the online platform. The wholeness of data is guaranteed at all times.


Both the operations made on the device and the new generated data are synchronized with other platforms (web services, CMS, ERP, GMAO programmes ) in a user friendly way.


The app Works independent from the platform data Server and the language of this one andi t has been created and designed , from its original concept, to be integrated, in each case, into the asset Management software the company uses.

Multi-platform system

Availability for Andorid operative systems and iOS in their different versions and formats (Smartphone and tablet) and possible adaptations to future operative Systems oriented to Mobile devices.